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Our Approach

Macaulay Search takes a highly personal approach to professional service. Clients and candidates have reflected that our consultants handle their work very relationally and ‘go above and beyond in all areas’.  Our convictions and our commitment to our clients’ values drive our work to fulfil two simple goals:

  • To provide our clients multiple “appointable candidates” so they have the opportunity for the deeper discernment of fit and key priorities.

  • To support candidates to consider how to best exercise their skills, experiences and passions.

We are people-focused rather than process-driven. We take time to listen to and understand the perspectives of our clients and candidates so that we can tailor our recruitment processes accordingly. 

We are inspired by the social, ethical and charitable priorities of our clients and are sincerely committed to supporting them to make astute and transformational appointments. 

We also care about our candidates and treat the sensitive process of discernment they are going through with respect and honesty. We value both successful and unsuccessful candidates’ experience of the recruitment process and have had candidates from across the spectrum subsequently become clients of Macaulay Search. 



Focused ownership 

We believe headhunting is best done when the consultant does the hard work and works hard. The consultant who pitches for the work owns and delivers all aspects of the search process. Both client and candidates deal directly with the same contact throughout. 

Such a hands-on approach is only possible if a consultant is only on one or two jobs at a time. We promise not to split our minds and workloads up over multiple projects or colleagues, but to carry with you the weight of responsibility for seeing a great appointment.

Quality & Depth

We don’t recycle databases. We prioritise quality creative research and then make the calls ourselves. Taking each client’s briefing first-hand means that we can advocate genuinely and intelligently, speaking on your behalf about the challenges and the exciting potential involved in the role. 

As the same consultant owns the relationship with each candidate from beginning to end, the relationship develops and the assessment of the candidate’s fit and interest goes deeper. This enables us to offer valuable insight to clients, helping them perceive the more nuanced dimensions of fit and compromise across a field of candidates.


The work of Macaulay Search consultants is fast and efficient. The efficiencies created through our focused ownership approach mean that we can reduce the time of a search process from briefing stage to shortlist to 5-6 weeks.

Our fees significantly undercut the executive search market even though we passionately believe that our service is of a higher quality. There are no hidden costs (“expenses fees”). 


To hear what our clients and candidates have to say about us please read Our Work page.